Ancient Vedic Secrets For A Happy Married Life!

Marriage is a precious and beautiful bond between two souls that brings the couple a whole new set of feelings. Marriage teaches the genuine meaning of life and introduces a sense of caring and responsibility to the pair. However, according to current statistics, there are a large number of unhappy couples that experience bitterness in their marriages, and the concept of having companionship with their partner appears to be a far-fetched dream for them.

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Major marriage related problems:

The natural question that comes to mind now is, “Why do people have trouble having a blissful married life?”

“People just enter into marriage, which is the most meaningful part of their lives- underprepared,” is the primary response to this topic. It is prudent to make all major decisions after conducting thorough research and putting in place safeguards that assure positive and happy outcomes from our activities in the future.

When it comes to relationships, the number of couples, particularly those from the Western world, depend on their gut instincts and the idyllic vision of their upcoming married life which they have dreamed up in their heads. However, when reality sets in, they quickly learn that just a small portion of their married life is playing as they had planned.

Reason for these problems:

This is due to their failure to adopt the traditional science of Vedic Astrology’s wisdom into their marriage.

People in Indian society have been running multiple parts of their life in line with the standards of Vedic Astrology from centuries ago, and marriage is one of them. Vedic Astrology aids in determining what the celestial bodies are indicating for a particular marital partnership, allowing for well-informed judgments to be taken well ahead of when it comes to relationships.

This is no simple task, and the amazingly low rate of divorce in Indian society is proof of the old discipline of astrology’s usefulness. Additionally, if problems arise in a couple’s life after marriage as a result of some karmic aspects as per one‘s specific horoscopes, marital astrology is a division of astrology that has huge potential to provide remedies to re-establish bliss and unity in a relationship.

What does astrology have to do with marriage?

Astrology, via Kundli Matching or Horoscope Pairing, among many other things, analyzes a couple’s connection and gives a cosmic pattern of how the boy and girl’s lives would unfold if they married. The following are the key criteria used to assess compatibility:

  • Individual Nature
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Childbirth

These are all aspects that the planets in the couple’s natal astrology should represent in such a way that the couple gels well with one another and becomes a source of fulfillment for one another. As a result of correct Kundli Matching, the true connection between the pair can be determined, resulting in a happy marriage.

The stars in the boy’s and girl’s specific horoscopes disclose a great deal about how their fate is likely to evolve. Many of the negative effects of ill-placed planets in the star signs of the pair, which are unfavorable to their marital happiness, can be completely neutralized or reduced to a degree in this way, allowing the couple to have a happy married life.

Marital astrology considers a range of planetary placements and combos that influence a person’s marital life, as well as that of their spouse.

Certain houses in a horoscope, based on the realms they represent, are of particular relevance to an astrologer when predicting the future of a relationship. These are the following:

Family: 2nd house

Children: 5th House

Spouse/Marriage/Social Recognition: 7th House

Reproductive Body parts: 8th House

Achievement of Goals: 11th House

Bedroom: 12th House

The existence of malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu in these areas is a bad sign since these malefic planets destroy these houses and so reduce their positive impact on a native’s married life.

A Complication The Treatment of Mars or Mangal

According to astrological principles, Mars, or Mangal, is a very restless planet, and when it is badly placed in a native’s birth chart, the results might be deadly in the native’s life. While most astrologers do not believe Mars to be a malefic planet, it is generally recognized as a “Cruel Planet.”

Manglik Dosh is the astrological name for a disturbed or ill-placed Mars/Mangal in a person’s zodiac, which refers to “a fault coming from an ill-placed Mangal.” Manglik Dosh, also known as Mangal Dosh, is so harmful that it can cause irreversible damage to a couple’s marriage if not treated promptly and effectively using potent Vedic remedies. As a result, it is critical to visit an expert astrologer as soon as possible to have the Manglik Dosh recognized and treated using very effective astrological treatments.

Conclusion- The Way to Go Forward Reasonably:

As there are numerous variants and mixes in terms of celestial positions and aspects in our star signs, as well as their huge effects on our lives, we must act wisely and quickly.

Ancient Vedic Secrets For A Happy Married Life!

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