Do I Have Anti-Wealth Yog In My Kundli?

Anti-Wealth Yog

Daridra Yog is a cosmic arrangement that damages wealth and restricts money flow in life until it is corrected with Kundali-specific Vedic medicines!

Our experiences in this consumerist world have taught us that to live a great life with the pleasures and comforts that we wish for ourselves and our family, we have to be financially secure or have the necessary funds. Lack of finances forces us to sacrifice our life’s objectives and ambitions, and it is the lack of wealth that makes it difficult to even ensure basic survival in this harsh world at times.

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Vedic Astrology is a divine science that exposes the results that many celestial elements are destined to produce in an individual’s life in numerous fields such as education, career, wealth/finances, and so on. Understand that planets are cosmic entities that are immensely effective and shape an individual’s future based on their placement in his or her horoscope or Kundali.

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How wealth is defined in Vedic Astrology?

Certain particular houses of the zodiac, according to Vedic Astrology, symbolize riches or the financial side of an individual’s life. These structures must be strong and positive.

Aside from that, there are natural benefic planets that, due to their favorable position in a person’s zodiac, can benefit in the process of wealth generation. There are also naturally malefic planets that, by their effect on a person’s horoscope’s wealth-promoting houses, can cause major wealth loss and disrupt the money area of that person’s life.

Wealth and Finance are represented by the following houses in a zodiac:

  • The 2nd house represents ‘Inherited Wealth and Bank Balance.’
  • The 11th House represents ‘Gains and Fulfillment of Desires.’

Planets that are naturally beneficial to wealth and money are:

  • Jupiter is the planet of ‘Growth and Wealth.’
  • Venus is the planet of luxury, prosperity, land, transportation, and comfort.
  • Mercury is the planet that represents ‘Business Operations, Trades, and Commerce.’

The following planets are naturally malefic for wealth and money:

  • Saturn is the planet that represents ‘Delays, Expenses, Severe Financial Loss of balance, and Scarcities.’
  • Rahu is associated with ‘Unexpected Financial Losses, a Lack of Wealth-Generating Options, and Intense Professional Criticism.’
  • Rahu signifies Sudden & Unexpected Expenses and a Lack of Passion for Earning
What is Daridra Yog? 

In Astrology, Yog is essentially a planetary combination or aspect that enhances the effects of various planets on particular zones of an individual’s life.

Daridra Yog is one of the most damaging Yogas in Astrology, bringing serious financial difficulties into a native’s life. Daridra Yog develops in a person’s zodiac or Kundali when:

  • The Lords of the 2nd or 11th house is put in the horoscope’s 6th, 8th, or 12th house.
  • The Lords of the Second House or the Eleventh House is Afflicted.
  • Combust are the Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house.
  • The Rulers of the 2nd house or the 11th house are at the end of a sign (29 or 30 degrees) or the beginning of a sign (29 or 30 degrees) (0 or 1 degree).
  • Malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are aspected by the Rulers of the 2nd house or the 11th house.

Daridra Yog in a person’s Kundali causes financial problems and causes them to face almost impossible challenges when it comes to making a decent living.

The only way of getting rid of the bad cosmic impacts that are forming the Daridra Yog in your astrology chart is to seek advice from a professional astrologer who, after carefully analyzing your Kundali or Horoscope, will recommend Vedic solutions that are precise to your zodiac and can calm the bad cosmic impact of Daridra Yoga in your astrology chart.

Daridra Yog Remedies

The following are some generic yet highly efficient Daridra Yog Remedies that can be used to alleviate the troubles that Daridra Yog produces in one’s life:

  • With a devoted mind, praise Goddess Maha Laxmi and Lord Vishnu and seek their blessings in life.
  • Get a Sri Yantra home and pray on a routine basis, as Sri Yantra is said to provide bountiful growth and opportunity.
  • In your Puja room, put a Ganesh Yantra or Vighna Vinashak Yantra to remove barriers and difficulties from your life.
  • Donate food, clothing, and other necessities to the poor, since this will delight ‘Shani Dev’ and help you fast achieve financial security.
  • Chant the Mantras connected to Goddess Maha Laxmi and Lord Vishnu to fend against negative energies and generate positive, fortunate energies that bring prosperity into your life.


While these were some generic but highly efficient treatments for Daridra Yog in life, we recommend contacting the Best Online Astrologers in India to learn about remedies that are specific to your individual Kundali or Zodiac.

This way, you’ll be able to discuss the core reason for your difficulty in a more focused manner, to provide relief from the particular astrological problem in your horoscope that’s causing all of your money problems!

These are just a few of the techniques that have been predicted by one of India’s best astrologers.

Do I Have Anti-Wealth Yog In My Kundli?

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