Gems & Crystals: The Anger Management Tools

Gems & Crystals

Your anger may cause harm to others, but it most certainly causes harm to yourself. It inspires unpleasant feelings and aggressiveness in a person who is living in an unfavorable situation. It’s not like people with anger issues try to control it, but it seems impossible for them sometimes. 

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Anger is seen as a poison in numerous traditions because it transforms the divine into the demonic. Anger is a self-destructive emotion.

Anger does not just pull the worst out of people, but it may also have serious implications, such as chronic mental stress, strained relationships, and a lack of decision-making ability.

However, crystal and gem healing may be able to save us from this awful emotion of rage that only serves to destroy our mental & physical well-being.

Benefits of Crystal & Gem in controlling anger:

  • Crystals attract and release calming energy into your aura.
  • Crystals can help you create a calm atmosphere in the home or office.
  • Crystals help to reduce anger by bringing awareness and clarity to the mind.
  • Meditation with crystals every day can help control our burning emotions.

Anger causes chaos in our relations and puts us under a lot of strain. It is hard to escape the anger and thus irritation in today’s fast-paced world.

Anger follows us around everywhere we go. Astrologers claim that by using crystals and jewels, we can maintain our calm and avoid the unpleasant feelings brought on by rage.

These gemstones & crystals are noted for their powerful therapeutic properties, which aid us in overcoming anger.


Howlite is a well-known stone known for its relaxing qualities. This delicate white stone has healing properties for those who utilize it.

It is a kind, caring stone that aids in the removal of hate, rage, resentment, and self-hatred sentiments.

It improves a person’s patience, tranquility, peace, and quiet by transforming unpleasant emotions. Taking control of our energies is a long process that will not happen immediately.

As a result, when working with these healing stones, patience is required. Howlite is helpful for people who have trouble focusing or concentrating due to worry or a restless mind.

How to use it:

The simplest method to utilize it is to wear it as jewelry. This way, you can keep the stone close to the body all day and benefit from its relaxing characteristics.

It can also be used while meditating or kept under the pillow for better sleep.


Another stone that is said to bring tranquility to the user is the bloodstone. The stone is also said to improve immunity.

It offers a person inner power so that he or she can better handle rage. Negative energies are replaced with positive ones by their cleansing properties.

It’s a perfect stone for people who are going through a difficult moment or who are having trouble keeping mental balance.

How to use it: 

The lovely stone could be worn as a pendant to benefit from its calming properties. Bloodstones can also be used to control anger during meditation sessions.


In astrology, the pearl is a well-known gemstone for its calming properties. It is linked to the softest planet, Moon, and hence possesses the planet’s relaxing and cooling effects.

Strengthening one’s inner self may help the wearer gain control over unpleasant emotions.

The Moon, in astrology, represents the mind, and so its stone will undoubtedly have a calming effect on the psyche, allowing it to regulate anger.

Pearls give the person a lustrous sheen and a radiant radiance. It is derived from the naturally peaceful deepest part of the ocean and hence has such calmness.

Pearl’s loving energy quickly dispels negative energy while channeling it in a positive direction.

How to use it: 

This is usually worn as a ring or pendant to provide the person with calming effects.


Peridot is a lovely yellowish-green gemstone that is a cheaper alternative to the emerald. It is known for releasing and transforming anger and resentment towards calm and awareness because of its soft, soothing qualities.

It could help us stay focused and keep our anger under control. Peridot, unlike other gemstones, is formed from molten lava that is forced to the surface during volcanic eruptions.

The stone is noted for its great level of protection. This remarkable stone is a renowned crystal for stress alleviation and anger management. Peridot can also serve as a deterrent to malevolent spirits.

How to use it:

Wearing it as jewelry or using it for meditation & breathing methods to help you relieve tension & anger is the most trendy way to use this gorgeous green stone.


Amethyst is another popular stone with calming effects. This purple-colored stone not only purifies a person’s negative energy but also aids in his or her intellectual development.

It improves a person’s focus by inducing a sense of judgment. This incredible gem eliminates stress, anger, resentment, and many other bad emotions that are damaging to one’s health. It promotes mental clarity and attentiveness.

How to use it:

This could be worn as jewelry to infuse the relaxing energy into your aura. It could also be used for healing sessions & meditations. To create a serene atmosphere, exhibit spheres, Amethyst geodes, or towers in the living area.


Anger management is a tough thing to follow, let these stones lead you in that direction smoothly. Consult an astrologer if you want to learn more about which gem or crystal is best for you.

Gems & Crystals: The Anger Management Tools
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