How to do Diwali Pooja in 2022 as per Astrology?


It’s finally that time of year when everyone gathers to celebrate Diwali and welcome the New Year. This is a fun time, and many of us are also getting ready to decorate our homes. Here are some Vastu-friendly tips for decorating your Pooja room for Diwali.

When styling your Pooja room, remember that the most crucial aspect is to create a sense of tranquility and harmony. Try not to have too much stuff and keep things in order. Use colors that are easy on the eyes and ensure there is plenty of good lighting. If your Pooja room doesn’t have a window, you might want to put in a skylight.

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Based on Vastu, here are some tips for the Diwali Pooja room:

You’ve probably already started thinking about how to decorate for Diwali. If you want to make the pooja room both festive and in line with Vastu, we can help. To get started, use the following tips:

  1. Use the color red and green

For, the Diwali Pooja room. People think that these two colors are the best for Diwali. Use them to decorate your home and make it feel like a party.

  1. Don’t put doors in the north-east corner

People believe that the northeast corner is where bad energy comes in, so it’s best not to put doors there.

  1. Leave all doors and windows open

This will let good energy circulate into the room and continue the party going.

  1. Flower garlands should be hung.

Not only are they beautiful to look at during Diwali, but they are also good for the environment. The best way to use them in a Diwali Pooja room is to hang them in all four corners.

  1. Fill bowls with fresh fruit and flowers.

This will keep the room feeling lively and fun. Put your gods and goddesses statues in the northeast area of the room.

  1. Don’t make the room too crowded.

It’s important to have room in a pooja room so that you can pray and do other rituals without feeling cramped.

More things to keep in mind for the Diwali Pooja room

  • Make sure people have enough room to sit and pray.
  • Make altar items out of natural things like wood, stone, or copper.
  • Don’t put any metal or mirrors in the Pooja room.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to make a beautiful, auspicious, and Vastu-friendly pooja room!

Here are some ideas for making your Diwali Pooja room look nice.

  1. Make sure the room is clean and doesn’t have too much stuff in it.
  2. Choose colors that are good luck and show what you believe spiritually.
  3. Put up images or symbols of the gods you worship.
  4. Put a prayer mat in a visible place and keep some religious books close by.
  5. Put out fresh plants and flowers to make the room feel festive.
  6. Think about the colors you want to use. Do you want to use classic colors like red and green, or do you want to use something a little more festive and colorful
  7. Put up curtains and drapes that are fun. You can make preparations handmade or can buy something readymade.
  8. Glittery decorations will add a touch of glam.
  9. Decorate the room with garlands and streamers.
  10. Put traditional symbols on the altar, such as swastikas, om symbols, and lotus flowers.
How Can I Decorate a Small Pooja Room?

When decorating your Pooja room for Diwali, it’s essential to keep in mind that you only have so much space. So you’ll need to think outside the box and find ways to save space.

A modernized storage system is one way to do this. This is a great way to make the most of your Pooja room’s storage space and add a decorative touch. There are many different shapes and sizes of modular storage systems, allowing you to find one that fits your space perfectly.

Using wall shelves is another idea. These are a fantastic way to store the things you need for puja and give the room a focal point. There are a lot of different styles and materials to choose from, so you can find the ideal shelf for your space.

How can you make your prayer room greener?

Here are some ways to make your pooja space more environmentally friendly for Diwali:

  1. If you can, use natural materials.
  2. Instead of regular bulbs, try to use LED lights.
  3. Use decorations made from used paper.
  4. Have a party with family and friends to reduce the number of people you need to host.
  5. Make sure that you can use or recycle all of the decorations after Diwali.
How to do Diwali Pooja in 2022 as per Astrology?
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