How To Plan Your Guest Room Vastu?

Guest room Vastu

Guests are treated with respect in Indian culture. A guest room is where visitors arrive, stay, and rest in a residence, as the name suggests. As a result, it is a necessary component of each home. The next section provides in-depth information on guest room Vastu.

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What Is The Importance Of Vastu In A Guest Room?

A good room ensures that guests enjoy their stay while also spreading joy and warmth throughout the house. It isn’t a modern or current concept to carry out the interior design. It’s a time-honored tradition with scientific backing. When the full guest room Vastu happens, you will undoubtedly feel the enchantment.

Basic Guest Room Suggestions Vastu for the Guest Room Vastu for the Guest Room is a large and comprehensive topic, and the following are some useful suggestions:

The ideal Guest room orientation :

  • According to Vastu principles, the ideal position for a guest room is northwest.


  • According to Vastu principles, the ideal position for a guest room is northwest.


  • The house’s most stable corner is the northwest corner, which represents air.


  • Only if all other possibilities have been exhausted should you consider heading south or southeast.


  • Try to stay away from this site because it is exclusively for the family’s head or the owner.

What if the directions of the Guest room are different?

These tips can work well even if your guest room is not in the ideal direction. We recommend you consult an Astrologer before deciding the direction of the guest room.

  • Assume the guest room is on Vayavya (North-West) or Agneya (South-West) corner. In that scenario, the restroom for this room can also be located in the Nairuthi corner.


  • You must supply a North-East corner or West window whenever the guest room is at Vayavya corner.


  • If somehow the guest room is in the Agneya corner, keep a window facing south or southeast.


  • Even if you supply a window facing southwest, nothing substantial happens.


  • Because the Agneya corner guest room runs through the center of the home, it’ll be fine if you keep the window facing southwest as well.

What should be the placements of display items in your Guest room:

  • Create a guest room with larger apertures, orienting them to the north or east walls.
  • The kitchen or master bedroom should, in theory, be viewable from the guest room.
  • It is totally up to you whether or not to give an associated restroom with the guest room.
  • It’s important to make sure that the host’s goods and objects aren’t stored in this room.
  • According to Vastu, the bed should be placed against the south wall of the guest room.
  • Also, in your guest room, don’t leave any beams going across the bed.

How should the door to the guest room be According to Vastu?

  • The door on the northeast side should face east.
  • Similarly, the door on the northeast side should only face north.
  • At the same time, the door on the southeast side must face south.
  • Finally, for Vastu in the guest room, the northwest door should face west. These are the best and most sensible options.

Colour Combination And Storage:

  • Ideally, the almirahs should be placed on the west or south walls.


  • White, violet or light blue tones should be used in the guest rooms. This is completely accurate and per Vedic Astrology.
The Vastu Of The Guest Room Tells A Lot About Home Peace
  • The guest room in the house should be in the proper location and direction.


  • The guest room’s suitable direction for the bed, door, as well as other display items.


  • Other necessary goods should be stored and handled in this location.


  • In the Vastu of a guest room, proper lighting is necessary.


  • The guest room’s colour style and furnishings.


  • Other items to put in the room, as advised by Vastu.

When you’re designing an individual guest room, you want to make sure it’s as efficient as possible. Isn’t that so? As a result, adopting and implementing Vastu for guest rooms is a good idea. It is something on which you must not make any concessions in your home.

How To Plan Your Guest Room Vastu?

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