How Vastu is Related to Marriage



A lifelong bond between two souls, marriage is a holy relationship. It is an occasion to celebrate love, friendship, and common aspirations. Compatibility, trust, communication, and understanding are just a few of the numerous aspects that influence whether a marriage will be successful and happy. The impact of the physical environment we live in, however, is a frequently ignored factor. This is where the ancient Indian art and science of placement, known as Vastu, comes into play. In this article, we’ll examine the relationship between Vastu and marriage to understand better how aesthetically pleasing surroundings can promote a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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Vastu for Marriage: Building a Strong Foundation:

The importance of building a positive and balanced living environment is called out by the vastu shastra. When it comes to marriage, the Vastu principles can aid in laying a solid basis for a peaceful partnership. Let’s examine several significant Vastu principles that pertain to marriage:

  1. The perfect place for the master bedroom is: The master bedroom is crucial to a married couple’s happiness. According to Vastu, it is best to position the master bedroom on the home’s southwest corner in the home. This path is said to bring stability, fixing, and the development of a strong emotional bond between partners.

  2. Bed Position: The position of the bed in the master bedroom is also quite important. It is advised to set up the bed such that the head faces either the south or the east. It is believed that this arrangement promotes communication and understanding between spouses.

  3. Avoiding Negative Energies: According to Vastu, one should avoid negative energies in their home. This involves maintaining the bedroom without chaos, sharp corners, and an excessive number of mirrors. These components have the potential to disturb the peace of the area and cause discord in the relationship.

  4. Elements in Balance: It’s essential to keep the home’s five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and space—in proper proportion. These components are present in the right amounts in a Vastu-compliant home, which creates a peaceful and loving environment for the couple.

  5. Proper Ventilation and Lighting: An setting that is positive and cheerful benefits from good ventilation and lots of natural light. According to Vastu, introducing enough air and light into the house will revitalize the energy and improve the tenants’ general well-being.

  6. Increasing the Venus Zone: The southeast corner of the home is known as the relationship corner or the “Venus zone.” The romantic and peaceful feelings within the marriage can be improved by energizing this space with symbols of love and togetherness, such as a pair of mandarin ducks or artwork presenting love.


In the course of the marriage, creating a peaceful and supportive home atmosphere is crucial helps to create a peaceful and supportive home atmosphere. Vastu offers insightful advice on how to synchronize the beneficial energies of the universe with our dwellings, enhancing marital harmony, love, and success. We may improve the flow of good energy, increase the emotional bond between partners, and create a nurturing environment for love to grow by integrating Vastu concepts into our living environments.

Keep in mind that Vastu is a complementing tool that can enhance and increase the positive qualities of a relationship rather than a magic wand that ensures a beautiful marriage. To establish a truly successful and blissful marital life, open communication, mutual respect, and love must be combined with Vastu principles..

So, if you’re planning to get married or want to make your current marriage happier, think about adding Vastu concepts into your home. Create an atmosphere that is filled with love, joy, and positive energy, and see how your relationship changes as a result. May your union be blessed with lasting happiness, comprehension, and a strong sense of intimacy.

How Vastu is Related to Marriage
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