Which planet causes deadly diseases?

deadly diseases

Planets are known to bring luck or misfortune, but misfortune doesn’t only come as financial loss or loss in a romantic relationship. Misfortune can hit an individual in the most troublesome way by hitting their health. Let’s see how different plants can cause distress to your health if their affinity is weak or malefic.

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The sun governs the flow of energy not just in the system but also in our bodies. The sun is known to be the father figure in astrology, and it is also the light that lit everything in our lives. Due to the sun being a pitta factor, it might be influenced by an excess of pitta in the body. Aside from that, the sun significantly impacts the right eye, heart, stomach, and bones. There are further signs of the sun’s influence on various disorders. Exposure to the sun can cause the following disorders: headache, sorrow, sadness, fever, burning sensation, diseases caused by liver inflammation, and so on.

If the sun is weak in charts, then the native will for sure face bone-related diseases and problems.


The Moon is associated with all the moods and feelings that we possess. A person with a strong influence of the moon on their chart can be a really sensitive person. This bright white planet is the one link to our mothers and home as well. It is said to be frigid. It is the water planet that means Kapha, the karaka of the psyche. The moon becomes a vital planet in keeping the body healthy and free of ailments caused by bodily fluid. Mental issues, lung disorders, TB, ascites, stomach, joint problems (swelling), foot problems, and other watery ailments can be caused by the afflicted Moon.

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Mars is the epitome of bravery, boldness, and fierceness. Being underconfident and timid is a sign of weak mars. Although weakening of these fierce planets will turn the native into cowardice and quieter. 

Mars is also regarded as a Pitta component. Mars maintains the body active, vigorous, alive, and nimble. However, many ailments are caused by the diseased Mars in the body. Accidents, injuries, surgical procedures, burns, blood diseases, high blood pressure, gallstones, epilepsy, fractures, piles, abortion, and so on affect the head, bone marrow, hemoglobin, and muscles throughout the body. Aside from that, the Moon’s association with Mars in women causes menstrual cycle disruptions and breast disorders.


Weak mercury is associated with the most famous diseases, which is popular among people as it may or may not seem like a disease. We are talking about OCD, that is is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, in which the native will be very particular about cleanliness and things and their arrangement. Mercury is said to be linked to the Trodoshas. It is the intelligence, skin, throat, nose, and lungs element. Mercury makes a very clever lyrical discourse when the stars are aligned. Mercury depleted can cause mental illnesses, nerve disorders, speech problems, dumbness and stuttering, skin diseases, impotence, leprosy, nose, throat, and ear ailments.

Weak Mercury is also linked with vein diseases, low intellect, and also troublesome decision-making skills. The native will also encounter a lot of skin-related issues and diseases.


Jupiter is the symbol of glory, knowledge, and excellent physical health, giving it’s native an upper hand in one or more ways. Although a weak Jupiter is well expected to bring big problems as well. A weak Jupiter will cause a lack of concentration and sudden weight gain. Jupiter is thought to have a Kapha karaka nature. In addition, it signifies the body’s liver, gallbladder, and fat. A strong Jupiter maintains the body’s organs physically fit and offers a robust body. Obesity, diabetes, liver illness, cancer, hepatitis, gall bladder disease, spleen disease, and ear difficulties are all symptoms of a weak Jupiter. It can cause gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers.


Venus rules over Vata and Kapha; besides these, it’s venus because of which the outer beauty and feminine appeal get extenuated. It is also associated with sexual activity and reproductive functions. A powerful Venus protects the native from Vata and Kapha ailments. A weak Venus can cause sexual dysfunction, genitourinary system dysfunction, urine dysfunction, face or eye diseases, cataracts, diabetes, kidney and bladder stones, typhoid, appendicitis, sexual perversion, and sperm abnormality.

Not only weak Venus but also Shukra Dosha can result in the lack of desire for sexual intercourse, lack of appeal in the outer body, lack of politeness, or rude nature of the native. Due to Shukra dosha, a person will be dissatisfied with its appearance and will witness failure in a relationship and marriage.

Women of weak Venus tend to have ovary-related diseases, irregular menstrual cycles, and miscarriages.


This is a brief note about significant planets and their impact on causing various diseases. Weak planets tend to cause more losses than malefic planets. To continue with good health and avoid such terrible diseases, one should take good care of themselves and do remedies to save their health from hazardous diseases.

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Which planet causes deadly diseases?
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