Powerful Yogas According To Astrology

Powerful Yogas

Yog is the Sanskrit word for ‘union.’ Yog is a specific planetary union produced by the combination of some stars in the same house or by their placement in distinct houses in Vedic Astrology. A few of these Yogas within Astrology are immensely beneficial to an individual, while others are detrimental. As a result of their placement in an individual’s horoscope, all planets produce specific types of results.

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When the planets align in a specific Yoga, though, the entire picture shifts and the individual is subjected to some powerful planetary influences in his or her life. Planets provide extremely powerful consequences when they create a Yog in the zodiac, simply due to their interactions with particular planets in particular houses producing extremely powerful life outcomes.

Gajakesari Yog:

The first time a Gajakesari Yog appears in a horoscope is when the Moon and Jupiter are conjoined in either of the horoscope’s houses. Another requirement for the creation of such a Yog is that Jupiter is placed in the horoscope’s 4th, 7th, or 10th house from the Moon.

It’s important to remember that if Jupiter is the ruler of a house in a person’s horoscope’s ‘Kendra’ or ‘Trikona,’ Gajakesari Yog has a lot of power. In the same way, if Gajakesari Yog is formed with the Moon in its position in a horoscope or Jupiter with its sign or sign of elevation, this Yogproduces highly potent results.

The following are the prerequisites for the successful establishment of Gajakesari Yog:

  • Jupiter or the Moon must not be placed at the beginning or end of a sign, such as 0 or 1 degree, or the beginning or end of a sign, such as 29 or 30 degrees.
  • Jupiter should never be the horoscope’s ‘Maraka’ planet.
  • In the horoscope, Jupiter should never be Combusted or Debilitated.

Gajakesari Yog’s Results/Effects on a Person:

Gajakesari Yog makes people modest and intellectual while also instilling great moral values in them. A person who is blessed with this Yog does have a large lot of friends and is the beloved of all his family and friends.

In addition, such a person gains respect in society, thrives in education, and gains knowledge in a variety of fields. The individual is in good health and, surprisingly, enjoys eating sweet foods!

Gajakesari Yog bestows money, fame, and authority upon a person, as well as garners favor from the administration or high-ranking officials, and allows them to live a life akin to that of a king! A man with kids is also blessed by this Yog, and such people have a joyful and peaceful family life.

Malavya Yog:

When Venus is in any of the ‘Kendra’ houses, i.e. the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th, and in any of the 3 signs Taurus, Libra, or Pisces, Malavya Yog is established in the horoscope.

The following are the criteria for the establishment of Malavya Yog:

  • Venus must not be located at the beginning or end of a sign, such as 0 or 1 degree, or the beginning or end of a sign, such as 29 or 30 degrees.
  • Venus should never be the horoscope’s ‘Maraka’ planet.
  • In the horoscope, Venus must not be Combusted.

Malavya Yog’s Results/Effects on a Person:

A person born having Malavya Yog is lovely, attractive, and has a captivating aura surrounding him or her. This Yog makes a person’s eyes, nose, and lips extremely attractive and well-formed. A person who has Malavya Yog never lacks emotional stability and is composed in stressful situations and sticks to his or her values.

This Yog allows a person to enjoy the comforts of a vehicle, a home, and expensive travels, and the individual can flourish in life as an actor, singer, dancer, poet, or painter. If a person selects a political career, he or she will reach great heights. Malavya Yog makes a person extremely popular among opposite genders. The people born under this Yog are well-liked in society and achieve fame and fortune in their lifetime.

Malavya Yog can also provide success to someone from another country. The individual travels overseas several times throughout his or her life and is frequently observed settling abroad.

One of the most intriguing elements of Malavya Yog would be that Venus enhances both the house where it is positioned and the house that it faces.

Vipreet Raj Yog:

In a horoscope, the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are all considered unlucky. A Vipreet Raj Yog is established when the rulers of these houses are put in any of these 3 homes. 

The following are the prerequisites for the successful establishment of Vipreet Raj Yoga:

  • The Lord of the Ascendant, also known as ‘Lagnesh,’ must not be put at the beginning or end of a sign, such as 0 or 1 Degree, or the beginning or end of a sign, such as 29 or 30 Degrees.
  • The Lord of the Ascendant, or ‘Lagnesh,’ should never be the horoscope’s ‘Maraka’ planet.
  • The planet that forms the Vipreet Raj Yog must not be conjoined with intrinsically malefic planets, such as Rahu (Moon’s North Node) or Ketu (Moon’s South Node).

Upon becoming functional during the ‘Vimshottari Maha Dasha’ of the planet that is beginning to form such a Yog, Vipreet Raj Yogdelivers a 180-degree turn in the life of a person who is probably to go through a difficult period at first, but ultimately bestows unthinkable success and prosperity upon that person.

Such Yogs in Astrology are incredibly strong and have been known to radically alter the course of a person’s life, particularly at the period of their operation as indicated by the Vimshottari Dasha in their horoscope.


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Powerful Yogas According To Astrology

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