Remove The Effects Of Black Magic Or The Evil Eye

Effects of Black Magic

Several people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that as quickly as happiness arrives on their door, it is quickly snatched away by terrible news. And in some circumstances, people are baffled as to why they keep failing and encountering hurdles at work.

What causes this to happen? Why are some people unable to live a happy life while having access to all of life’s amenities? Why do you have to deal with the same disease or family difficulties generation after generation? 

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The explanation is likely to be found in our karmic bonding, and the planetary placements in our horoscope predict unfavorable circumstances that will push our life into terrible hardships.

Certain astrological doshas in a chart can cause a lot of problems and severe adversities in our life. However, by consulting astrologers, we can always detect and correct these key doshas, bringing serenity and prosperity into our lives.

Kaal Sarap dosha:

Kaal Sarap Dosha is a severely negative yoga that causes a person’s life to be degraded. It is generated when all planets are aligned with Rahu and Ketu’s axis. The Kaal Sarap dosha is associated with a great deal of sorrow, misery, and difficulty in life. None of the efforts appear to be fruitful, and you seem to wander through life.

It can lead to commercial loss, mental and physical weakness, marital problems, and so on. As a result, to remove frequent difficulties and calamities in life, they must be detected and rectified by suitable Vedic rituals

Pitra Dosha:

Pitru / Pitra Dosha is a negative yoga that discusses a person’s karmic debt to his or her ancestors. It is the wrath of our forefathers that must be carried by the individual. In life, a person having Pitru Dosha in his / her Kundali may confront unanticipated and unexpected problems and illnesses.

This has a significant impact on the native’s health and longevity. When the Moon and Sun are in conjunction or even have any link with Rahu / Ketu in your natal chart, this Dosha is established. Rahu’s influence on the fifth & ninth houses in the Kundali also causes Pitru Dosha. The best astrologer may recommend Pitru Dosha pooja to correct this exceedingly unfavourable yoga.

Nadi Dosha:

Nadi dosha is another unfavourable dosha present in the astrological chart that is checked during the couple’s Kundali Milan. Nadi dosha may be causing troubles in marriage, progeny, or any other issue with your offspring. You might also have to deal with major health issues. As a result, pacifying this dosha in the Astrology chart is critical.

Manglik Dosha:

Manglik Dosha is well-known, and it can wreak havoc on your blissful marriage. The ailment of Mars in the Birth chart causes the formation of Manglik Dosha. It is thought to be malefic, and if it appears in the astrological chart, the marriage might not last. Manglik dosha can lead to marital delays, health problems for you or your spouse, disputes, and even separation and divorce. However, as advised by the astrologers, effective remedies may be able to counteract the unwanted adverse consequences of Mangal Dosha in life.

The myth of black Magic and the evil eye/ Nazar Lagna

The notion of the evil eye is centuries old, and we frequently hear our elders refer to it when we encounter anything awful or unusual in our otherwise joyful lives. The evil eye is a spiteful look that is said to put a curse on our lives. Most cultures believe in the evil eye, which can bring misfortune perhaps injury to the victim. We name it ‘Nazar Lagna’ in India, and many of us believe it because we have all seen this unexplained radiance at a certain point in our lives. The main cause of an evil eye is jealousy or envy.

Black Magic or Evil Eye Astrological Combination:

When Saturn & Rahu are in our natal chart, we are more likely to be subjected to evil eye / black magic. Even when Rahu is in Saturn’s sign, the same conjunction is said to have been active. Saturn & Rahu are twin malefic planets, with Saturn being known as karm karka, the planet that evaluates and punishes us depending on our karmas. Rahu, on the other hand, is known for carrying karmic debts from previous lifetimes through the house in which it is located in the birth chart.

As a result, any connection between these two karmic planets awakens prior karma ties in this incarnation. We become victims of evil eyes to pay back our karmic debts, but we can also avoid such terrible dosha by repairing our karmas. To eradicate misfortunes in life, the greatest astrologer may prescribe karmic treatments based on Kundli’s analysis.

Symptoms showing Black magic or Evil eye:

Vomiting frequently
● Tensions and excessive spending
● Milk sourness is common, and food spoils too quickly.
● Losses in work or personal life regularly
● Infertility & impotency
● Pain throughout the entire body
● Numbness in the hands and a heavy feeling in the body
● The Eyes and feet are heavy.
● The family argues regularly
● Stomach discomfort and dizziness
● Restlessness
● Sweating excessively and thinking negatively
● Speech is uncontrollable
● Negative thoughts including suicidal thoughts
● Having a lot of fainting spells
● Considering assassinating someone
● Constant exhaustion

General remedies to remove Black Magic and Evil eye/ Nazar:

● As a prevention from an evil eye, you should start wearing a black thread from Bhairon Baba’s temple around your neck or in your palm.

● To eliminate Buri Nazar, recite Hanuman Chalisa & Bajrang Baan regularly.

● Panchmukhi Hanumanji’s lockets can also be worn.

● Praise Lord Hanuman and mark your forehead with vermilion.

● Make a roti then bake it on one side, then brush it with oil, and season it with red chili and salt. Whirl it 7 times over your head then place it at a crossroads softly. It is thought to provide quick relief from the effects of the evil eye.

● You can also keep Buri Nazar at bay by putting salt in a basin in your home.

● Every day, burn camphor, guggul, & Loban together and distribute the smoke throughout all corners of your home/office to keep black magic away.

● Burning incense sticks is indeed a good way to get rid of negativity in your home.

● To get rid of any negativity in the house, blow shankh first thing in the morning.

● Women and children should wear eyeliner to avoid an evil eye.

● People hang horseshoes & Nazar battu at the front entrance gates of their homes to ward off evil spirits.


Black magic and evil-eye work on the vibes and energy. As astrology works on the moments of planet and energy. These vibes are negative, so being negative in these situations might not help you. Consider the astrologer if you are worried about such problems.

Remove The Effects Of Black Magic Or The Evil Eye
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