The story of the world’s 1st poet- Rishi Valmiki

The story of the world's 1st poet- Rishi Valmiki

The finest Indian poets, saints, and sages have been witnessed throughout history. Maharishi Valmiki is one of the identities that did stand out the most. Rishi Valmiki is known as Adi Kavi in Sanskrit literature. This means he was the first poet. He was the first person to write the epic Ramayana, which is one of the most well-known Hindu texts.

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One of the greatest philosophers ever, Rishi Valmiki was a wonderful sage of wisdom, poetry, kindness, and mercy.

  • Valmiki’s birth

People who have something to do with Maharishi’s life disagree about something. According to one interpretation of Nagara Khanda from the Skanda Purana, he was born into a Brahmin family and given the name Lohajangha. He had a wife who loved him. To keep his family from going hungry during the twelve years of drought in their hamlet, he began robbing people.

Lohajangha once attempted to rob Saptarishi, a group of seven sages. However, Pulatsya Rishi, a Saptarishi, gives Lohajangha a mantra. Valmiki acquired his name from the ant hill or Valmika that covered his body after years of severe austerity and mantra recitation.

Rishi Valmiki was born in Sumali or Pracheta to a Rishi Bhrigu gotra Brahmin household named Agni Sharma. Ratnakar Daku was his name when he started stealing from people after a while. When he met Narada muni, they talked about his responsibilities. Agni Sharma started doing austerity and reciting a mantra called “Mara,” which means “death,” because he was so interested in what Narada thought and said.

After doing penance for many years, this Mara changed into Rama, but his body is still covered by an anthill. Because of this, he got a new name: Valmiki.

  • Works of philosophy

Valmiki rishi’s Adi Kavya (First Poem) Ramayana was one of the best things he ever did. The Ramayana is the first poem ever written in Sanskrit. Valmiki’s epic Ramayana is made up of 24000 shlokas and 7 cantos. It tells about everything that happened in Lord Rama’s life, from his birth to his 14 years of living in the forest. Ravana kidnapped Sita, and then there was a war between Rama’s army of monkeys and Ravan’s army. When the war was over, Lord Rama left this world.

Some Indian philosophers also thought that Yoga Vashista was written by Rishi Valmiki. Yoga Vashista is a conceptual story about what the sage Vashista and Lord Rama talked about. There are six books by Yoga Vasistha. Each one talks about different events and parts of life, such as Rama’s disappointment in nature and the suffering of people, Rama’s urge for salvation, other people who also want to be free, spiritual ways to be free, and the importance of people’s willpower and creativity.

  • His Role in Ramayana

Sage Valmiki was a very important part of the Ramayana, according to Uttara Kanda, which was taken from Sesha Ramayana. Rishi Valmiki let Devi Sita stay in his ashram after she was sent away. At the rishi’s ashram, where Devi Sita gave birth, Lava and Kusha were taught the Ramayana by their guru Valmiki.

  • Cultural Impacts

Maharishi’s philosophical art affected the arts and cultures of many places in the Indian subcontinent and some sections of the southeast. It inspired writers and poets from different cultures to rewrite Valmiki’s Ramayana in their language. It includes Ramacharitamanas, Krittivasi Ramayan, Molla Ramayanam, Torave Ramayana, and Kambaramayanam in Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Bengali, respectively (Awadhi).

On the walls of shrines and stones, different scenes from the Ramayan were carved. The stone in Nagarjunkonda, Andhra Pradesh, which depicts the encounter between Lord Rama and Bharata, would make the ideal illustration. Valmiki’s influence on the Ramayana can be seen in movies, TV shows, music videos, theatres, paintings, books, and temples today. Today, Hindus all over the world watch Ramlila, a dramatic version of the Ramayana, which is performed in India.

Rishi Valmiki has a temple in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, that has been there for 1300 years.

  • Maharishi Valmiki’s lessons

Maharishi taught us to follow Dharma and Karma through Ramayana:

  1. Always tell the truth. 
  2. The truth will prevail despite how strong evil may be.
  3. Unity makes people stronger.
  4. Similar to Rama’s family, despite the circumstances separating them, their hearts remained united, which enabled them to overcome obstacles.
  5. Honor your obligations with loyalty.
  6. Follow the right path.
  7. Respect and be kind to other people.
  8. See and treat all animals the same.
  9. Never hang out with or get close to a bad person.
  10. Peace and harmony come from being able to forgive.
  11. Not everything that shines is gold.
The story of the world’s 1st poet- Rishi Valmiki
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