Things to Look for in My Partner’s Birth Chart Before Marriage

Partner's Birth Chart

Are you preparing for your nuptials? We would advise you to be aware of a few things before embarking on a new trip with a stranger. Numerous factors relating to their temperament, behaviour view on life, etc., according to astrology, should be taken into consideration. All of this helps you understand your life partner’s astrological traits and choose the correct one to make you happy and have a happy marriage. Here are some key elements in your partner’s birth chart that you should be on the lookout for. Look at these before you marry—love or planned!

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The seventh house in Kundli

The seventh house is one of the most significant aspects of your partner’s birth chart to pay attention to. The seventh house is known as the house of marriage in astrology. Additionally, it depicts the nature of the spouse and how your marital life will be. By examining its ruler zodiac sign and the planets it contains, you might learn more about your potential marriage partner’s personality and your own.

If Capricorn rules the 7th house in your partner’s Kundli, for instance, your spouse will be a conserving individual. He or she will prioritize marriage and relationships.

Similar to this, the position of any planet—say lets the Moon—in this house reveals a lot about the potential spouse. The nature of your partner will be robust, independent, and dominant. Additionally, the spouse will be attractive and incredibly understanding.

Venus's position in the Kundli

Venus is a symbol of benevolence and love in astrology. In addition, the natal chart of your partner shows how expressive they are of their emotions. If both you and your partner have the planet Venus in a favourable position, your marriage will be harmonious and communication and love won’t be a problem. However, if the location is unfavourable, it may be difficult for you to express your love and your marriage may not be fulfilling.

Mars's location in Kundli

Mars is the horoscope’s representation of lust and cravings. Therefore, you may determine your love and sexual compatibility with your spouse by learning where it falls in their birth chart. You’ll also have no trouble understanding what your spouse could anticipate from physical interactions with you and others.

Mars also takes care of the emotional aspects of marriage with this. Knowing Mars’ location helps you manage your partner’s needs and wants in a marriage.

Mercury's position in the Kundli

In Kundli, Mercury is in charge of the communication sector. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how Mercury is positioned in your partner’s birth chart. If it is fortunate, your companion will be wise and considerate. Your spouse will be able to talk about anything and everything in a meaningful way.

Compatibility with Nakshatras

There are a total of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. Some are good matches for a couple getting married, while many are not. Consequently, in the long run, cause problems. Matching your Nakshatra with your partner’s can help you have a long-term marriage.

Sun and Venus positions in the birth chart

In your prospective spouse’s horoscope, combining the Sun and Venus within the same zodiac sign shows their relationships and what they want in a companion. Additionally, by understanding their stance and contrasting it with your own, you can determine whether the person you’re going to wed is genuinely a good match for you or not. Additionally, your marriage may end up succeeding or failing early in life.

The Planet that rules the ascendant house

The most common discussion about a person’s planetary placements just before they get married is about a wedding. The Lagna house, also known as the ascendant house, is present during the same. Vedic astrology states that your partner’s ascendant and your Lagna must be compatible. You will have a difficult marriage with difficult moments near each other if they are foes. There will be constant disagreements because your interests are incompatible.

For instance, if your ascendant sign is Leo and the spouse is a Capricorn, then Sun and Saturn, respectively, are the ruling planets. Both planets are hostile to one another, which makes managing your marriage difficult over time.

Strength of horoscope

When thinking about your partner’s birth chart, the strength of the Lagna, Bhagya Sthana, and Poorva Sthana is crucial. Kalathra, Kuja, Sayana, and Rajju Doshas are not allowed in marital astrology. If disregarded, any of these horoscope characteristics might lead to a troubled marriage and other problems with the partner.

Things to Look for in My Partner’s Birth Chart Before Marriage
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