What are exalted and debilitated astrology planets?


Each of the 12 houses in astrology is ruled by a different sign of the zodiac. In a Kundali analysis, you may locate one or more planets in a single house. Only the time, date, and location of birth matter. Your birth details determine which planets are where and in what condition. Planets both exalted and weakened are present in the same space.

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Exalted and weakening planets are only one more element that astrologers take into account while determining a horoscope. The state of a planet when it receives all of its energy is represented as an exalted planet. A weak planet, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of it. Such a planet either loses its good fortune or has a malevolent disposition. To be exalted or debilitated, a planet has to be in a certain degree and sign. This is not the case for combusted planets.

Read the information below to fully grasp the concept and learn more about the exalted or weakened planets.

Exaltation: What is it?

One of a planet’s five key components is exaltation. All of the planets are awaking and are at their fullest expression and potential. Additionally, the exalted planets increase the best characteristics of that planet while the debilitated ones weaken them.

Which planet is exalted by which zodiac?

When discussing exalted and weakened planets, only seven of the nine planets are mentioned. All shadow planets except Rahu and Ketu are exalted in other zodiac signs. Let’s examine the list:

The Sun exalts to 10 degrees Aries. If Sun is in Gemini, you’re ambitious, aggressive, impetuous, and an initiator.

  • Moon: The Moon exalts in Taurus for up to 3 degrees. Therefore, if your Moon is there, you will be powerful and pleased. You would be influential and subject to change if you had wisdom. Your attitude will be one of indulgence and enthusiasm, and you’ll read endlessly.

  • Jupiter: Jupiter exalts in Cancer for up to 5 degrees. If your Kundali is positioned in this way, you would be well-educated, affluent, and well-read. You must also be trustworthy and respectable.

  • Mercury: Mercury exalts in Virgo up to 15 degrees. If this is present in your Kundali, you will be a learned individual with a creative and morally upright disposition. However, during good times, you could lose your temper.

  • Venus: Venus exalts in Pisces up to 27 degrees. You would be well-liked, subdued, and humble if you were born with such placement. You will possess pure knowledge and be a learned person as well. You might, however, have a small mocking quality.

  • Saturn: Saturn exalts in Libra for up to 20 degrees. If the same was present in your Kundali, you would be a tall, well-known, and self-reliant individual. Your actions will stand out, and you’ll be morally upright and charitable.

  • Mars: Mars exalts in Capricorn for up to 28 degrees. You will be liberal and fearless in the face of such a possibility. Additionally, generosity will be your middle name, and it would be to your advantage to be familiar with covert techniques.

What is crippling?

  • Vedic astrology defines a planet as debilitated if it fully lacks resources, rendering it unattractive and performing poorly. Two or more debilitated planets in your birth chart may cause you problems.

  • Furthermore, if multiple debilitated planets are present in your Navamsha or D-9 chart as well, you may experience numerous difficulties. Additionally, you can experience a lot of terrible things repeatedly during the Dasha time.
Which planet is weaker in the zodiac?
  • The same nine astrological planets are involved in debilitation as they are in exaltation. Rahu and Ketu typically produce poor outcomes in any house. Let’s look at the zodiac signs each planet weakens:

  • Sun: In the Libra sign, the sun might be up to 10 degrees debilitated. With this, you will naturally be honest. However, if you were perceived otherwise, you would appear insensitive and conceited.

  • Moon: The planet debilitates if it is up to 3 degrees in the sign of Scorpio. You will become a person with a broad mindset who is also vicious and obstinate as a result of this. You will also be vengeful and direct, and you will feel alienated from your parents.

  • Jupiter: Jupiter weakens in the Capricorn zodiac sign by up to 5 degrees. This placement makes you impatient, envious, and clumsy. Additionally, your habits will make you dishonorable and inconsistent.

  • Mercury: Mercury weakens Pisces by up to 15 degrees. You will become a reliant and irritable person as a result of this placement. You would adore helping people, but you have a small-minded attitude and a lazy disposition.

  • Venus: In the sign of Virgo, Venus debilitates for up to 27 degrees. You will be a miserable being with a small-minded and agile disposition with this placement. You won’t just act dishonestly; you’ll also act sinfully.

  • Saturn: Up to 20 degrees of Aries, Saturn is debilitated. As a result, you can have an irritable personality and stupid thinking. Even though you will be an intriguing wanderer, you will have perverse habits and a fickle mind.

  • Mars: The planet Mars weakens the Cancer zodiac sign by up to 28 degrees. You will be a cruel person with an egotistical personality and a vocation in surgery or medicine if Mars is in your solar system.
What are exalted and debilitated astrology planets?
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