What Does Your Heart Line Say About You As Per Astrology?

Heart Line

Palmistry is a fortune-telling technique based on the study of the palm. It is also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology. Palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, and chirologists are all terms used to describe those who perform chiromancy.

The life-line, heart line, money-line (also known as fate line), head-line, and marriage-line are the five principal lines on the palm.

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The heartline is a major line on your hand that begins on Jupiter’s or Saturn’s peak and travels through the inside of the palm. This line reveals a lot about your emotional intelligence. The colder you are, the straighter the line is, and the larger the curvature, the greater your longing for profound love.

Identifying your heartline:

The uppermost line on your palm is the heart line, which runs horizontally across it. It starts on the pinkie side of your palm and runs to just beneath your index or ring finger.

Choosing the conventional hand:

According to palmistry, the right hand is what you’re born with for females, while the left is what you’ve gathered during your life.

It’s the other way around for males. Your left hand is what you were born with, and your right hand is what you’ve gathered over time.

That stated you can choose your present/past life hand based on which hand is dominant (the non-dominant hand would then be your future life hand).

Depending on the tradition, this line can be read either way (from the pinkie to the index finger or vice versa). 

Emotional well-being, love attitudes, depression, and heart health are all thought to play a role. The following are the basic interpretations:

  • If it starts at the base of the index finger – 

It can indicate empathy and a great sense of others’ feelings. Someone with a heart line that splits in two may tend to put everyone before themselves.

  • If it starts at the base of the middle finger – 

Selfish about love. If your heart line begins below your index finger, you are ambitious, self-reliant, and bright, and you have good decision-making skills. You may, but on the other hand, have quite a selfish and worldly view of love and be less sympathetic and harsh to others.

  • If it starts from the middle of the index finger and middle finger- 

You have good emotional control and can balance it out with realism. You are a cheerful and realistic person who can embrace your partner for who they are, flaws and all.

  • If it is straight and short –  

less love interest. It’s classified short if your heart line finishes underneath the pinky, ring finger. People with a short yet straight heartline usually appreciate their alone time. Heart liners that are short and straight can come across as shy and quiet.

  • If it touches lifeline- 

The heart brokes easily. This kind of line may require a lot of emotional assistance. It can indicate some stress, significant worry, or love insecurity.

  • If it is long and curvy – 

Expressive about feelings and emotions. You are kind, loving, warm-hearted, and well-intentioned if your heart line curves across your forefinger and thumb.

  • If it is in parallel with the headline –

Such kinds of people can handle emotions effectively.

  • If it is wavy – deals with many relationships, but is not brought up to a serious one.
  • If it has a circle among the line –Deals with sorrow and depression.
  • If it has gaps between the lines – Often comes across Emotional breakdowns.

Always listen to your heart but use your brains too, this is exactly what a palm reader does. A palm reader when comes to your heart line determines all your basic features and predicts your past, present, and future consequences and behaviors.  

What Does Your Heart Line Say About You As Per Astrology?

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