What is Angarak dosha?

Angarak dosha

Angarak dosha occurs when Rahu and Mars align in any house of the natal chart. This dosha has negative and detrimental repercussions when Rahu and Mars are in malefic positions in the natal chart.

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Angarak Yoga is supposed to be produced when the planet Mars has an aspect on the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, or any of them, in a native’s natal chart. However, when Rahu-Ketu and Mars are in an unfavorable position in the horoscope with this Yoga, the effects are harmful, just like any other dosha. The native is believed to become combative in character due to the adverse effects of this dosha, which might make them seem harsh at times. As a result, Angarak Dosha impairs the native’s ability to make independent judgments, and this dosha troubles them physically and intellectually throughout their life. These negative repercussions of Angarak Dosha include wrath, fear, accidents, blood-related ailments, and skin issues in such a person. In such a case, Angarak Dosha Nivaran Pujan removes the Dosha from the person’s birth chart and helps calm the person’s anger and harsh demeanor. Following this, the native can comfortably accomplish all of their jobs, eliminating all types of complications. A scholar or a competent pandit performs this practice within a day.

Because Mars and Rahu are both hostile planets, their meeting represents a significant dosha. Angarak implies fire, which is the essence of mars in Agarak dosha. Similarly, the natives are subjected to heat and hostility.

Characteristics of this dosha

Female Mars inhabitants are brutally honest and end up harming many people by being so. Male indigenous peoples are angry and skeptical. They want their partners to be solely housewives. They have the potential to be destructive and egoistic.

Rahu Female locals value cleanliness. They like spending money on their high-end lifestyle. Even after marriage, they are attracted to males. Male indigenous are self-centered and sensual. They can flirt with any type of woman. They like traveling.

If Rahu and Mars are in the first, fifth, and eleventh houses, the native will have difficulty bearing children.

Positive impacts of Angarak dosh

If the planets are in good alignment, the native will be drawn to politics and will be successful.
If the native is dedicated and energetic, he will succeed and reach tremendous heights.
The native will make a lot of money through business relationships.
If the Lagna Lord and Bhagya Paksha are favourable, the native will be affluent.

Negative Consequences

When Rahu and Mars become malevolent, the following things occur.
If the natives try their luck in politics, it will be challenging for them.
The native will have difficulties with property problems.
The native will be extremely hostile, causing abrupt separations from family.
It is unlucky for the native to be lazy, belligerent, or egotistical.
The native will be angry and short-tempered, giving birth to negative and vengeful feelings in him.
Female natives will have a mocking and aggressive tone, which may result in an unsatisfactory marriage.
Due to business misconceptions, the native will lose.
The native will be unable to have access to ancestral property.
The individual will face significant difficulties.
The native will have to see physicians and attorneys regularly.
The native may experience gastrointestinal issues.
If the native Lagna Lord and Bhagya Paksha are weak, he will lose everything.
The native’s mother might die young or be unwell most of the time.

Remedies to pacify the Angarak dosha
  • The individual should consume honey three times every day regularly.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and make sindoor offerings.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha may help the locals lessen the nasty consequences.
  • Worship Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, and Lord Shiva all at the same time. Never worship Goddess Laxmi by herself.
  • The head of the household should sweep the house.
  • Make a nice chapatti and feed it to the street dogs.
  • Rahu Shanti puja may be performed at home.
  • Worship Laxmi with the moon in Rohini nakshatra.
  • The native must practise meditation and avoid disputes.
  • Organize satsangs in your house and welcome gurus.
  • The individual should visit temples and pray quietly.
  • A silver ball can be worn.
  • Every evening, light a diya.
  • On Tuesday, the native should wear a three-tiered copper, silver, and gold ring.
  • You must respect and serve your mother.
  • On Navmi, Chaturdashi, and Chaturthi, the native shall not do Laxmi pooja.
  • Sindoor can be kept in a mud pot at home by the native.
  • The native may keep a Shree yantra or a kuber yantra at home.
  • A jar of water should be kept near the pillow.
What is Angarak dosha?
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