What is Gandmool Dosha? Effects and Remedies

What is Gandmool Dosha?

You may have Gandmool Dosha if you were born during one of six particular nakshatras. There is no need to become frightened if you have Gandmool Dosha. A lot of well-known people have this dosha and yet they’ve accomplished a lot in life.

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How Is the Gandmool Dosha Formed?

Vedic astrology recognizes 27 potential Janma Nakshatras or birth stars. Nakshatra, which translates to “star,” actually refers to 27 different constellations.

  • Indian Astrology and the Moon

The moon is the planet that matters the most when interpreting your natal chart. Although the moon is closer and so has a greater impact on the planet and everything on it, the sun may be more powerful. We are all aware of the tides that the moon causes in the oceans. Similarly to that, this graha has an impact on people. Vedic astrology, therefore, employs a moon-based approach.

The moon travels through all 27 of the nakshatras and rashis. When analyzing your birth chart, astrologers take into account the moon’s position to the nakshatras. Your Janma Nakshatra, or birth star, is determined by the Nakshatra that the moon is aligned with at the time of your birth.

Nakshatras of Gandmool:

There are 27 Nakshatras, as was previously explained, and each one is important in astrology. Six of them are regarded as Gandmool Nakshatras. As follows:

  1. Aswini
  2. Ashlesha
  3. Magha
  4. Jyeshta
  5. Moola
  6. Revathi

You might be regarded as having Gandmool Dosha if you were born during any of these nakshatras. Additionally, this dosha may have a lot of negative repercussions on your life.

Effects of Gandmool Dosha:

Gandmool Disha, like all other Doshas, causes various problems. The effects could change depending on the nakshatra:

  1. Aswini:

Father concerns may arise for all those born under this star, and they may also experience money difficulties at some point. They will, however, typically lead affluent and fulfilling lives.

  1. Ashlesha:

The person may be irresponsible with money if they were born under this star and may spend without considering the long term. Additionally, they could not get along well with their parents or siblings.

  1. Magha:

People born under this nakshatra might struggle to get along with their parents. Some people might even lead very rich lives. Those born under the fourth phase of this star may experience greater stability and professional success.

  1. Jyeshta:

An individual born under this nakshatra could experience conflict with his siblings. It might also have an impact on their mother-child bond. Additionally, persons born beneath the fourth stage of this star might experience a lot of difficulties in their lifetimes.

  1. Moola:

Parents of those born beneath this star may experience difficulties. Additionally, they might lose their riches if they engage in careless spending.

  1. Revathi:

The first three stages of this nakshatra might not have much of an impact on a person’s life; they may even lead a joyful, prosperous life with a fruitful career. However, people born under the fourth stage of this star may have difficulties raising their children and causing difficulties for their parents.

  • Considering the Opposite of the Coin

Is it a total downer then for people born in Gandmool Nakshatras? Not at all, as you can see from the predictions made above; there might be a lot of positive outcomes. Many expert astrologers argue that your birth nakshatra’s Pada, or phase, is more significant.

  • The advantages of Gandmool Dosha:

These nakshatras can produce individuals who are both exceedingly attractive and endowed with endearing personalities. They are typically joyful, gregarious, and pleasant. Additionally, these folks are incredibly serious, diligent, and up for any task.

Remedies for Gandmool Dosha:

You can use the following remedies to counteract the negative effects of Gandmool dosha:

  1. A Gandmool Dosha Shanti Pooja can be held by the parents of a kid born with this dosha on the 27th day after the kid’s birth.
  2. You can still perform this Puja if you missed the 27th day when the moon returns to this Nakshatra.
  3. You can even perform this pooja on the day of your birth, later in life.
  4. For this dosha, reciting Maha Mrutyunjaya Japa is a helpful treatment.
  5. Lord Ganesh should be worshipped by those born under the signs of Ashwini, Magha, or Moola.
  6. On Wednesday, they should also provide some fresh veggies.
  7. Pray to Buddha if you were born under Ashlesha, Jyeshta, or Revathi (Mercury)
  8. Budha is pleased when offered an amla, green veggies, coriander, or bronze kitchenware.

Depending on the Nakshatra Pada, Gandmool Dosha has different effects. According to the top astrologer in the world, there are numerous solutions you can do to lessen this dosha’s effects.

What is Gandmool Dosha? Effects and Remedies
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