What is Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha?

Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha

Sometimes we don’t know what’s going on in our lives because things can go down in ways we didn’t expect. Our horoscope is a guide that tells us about our past, present, and future. It can also tell us if bad things are likely to occur soon. Our lives are shaped by the stars and planets we see every day. Aside from the place, time, and date of our birth, the positions of the planets and stars at the time of our birth also affect our lives. Vedic astrology says that when bad things happen between planets, a horoscope will have a dosha( Amavasya Dosha). There may be evil planets in the wrong places in the birth chart’s twelve houses, which makes it less likely that good things will happen in the horoscope.

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Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha: What Does It Mean?

What is the Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha? As per Vedic astrology, it is just where the Sun and Moon meet in the birth chart, also called the natal chart. On the day of Amavasya, the Sun’s energy makes the moon lose all of its strength. Due to this, the native will experience Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha, which causes health concerns, financial losses, professional barriers, and more.

The connection between the two words is quite strong and has a bigger effect on someone’s life. But this effect is caused by several different things. It is also based on where the moon is in a person’s birth chart. Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha Puja is a good way to mitigate its negative effects.

What Causes Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha?

Amavasya dosha is when the sun and moon are in the same place at the same time. It is part of the Tithi dosha. Tithi is just a lunar day from when the moon is new or full. A person born on Amavasya has the inauspicious Amavasya dosha.

Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha's Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

  • If you are an Aries, a new Moon will make you feel like you want to switch jobs. You do it to get your life in the right shape. But it will not end well.
  • Now that the new moon is in Taurus, you can handle life’s challenges.
  • Geminis are dual, so you’ll be excited and anxious about different things. At this point, you will need to find out where your life is going.
  • For Cancer people, the moon is their ruling planet, and it always affects their energy.
  • The Amavasya will be negative for Leos, who will daydream. You won’t be able to fix your problems and find a way out of them in life.
  • The Amavasya new moon will pull Virgo people down. You will have to take care of your family, and things will be hard.
  • Libra people may go through a lot of changes in their lives. You will want good things, but you won’t always get them.
  • For Scorpios, there may be a lot of sad times when they don’t know what will happen next.
  • If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you will like risky things more. You also enjoy traveling, sports, and other stimulating activities during this period. The energy at full speed.
  • Capricorns can benefit from their passions, yet career challenges will always arise.
  • Aquarius will have to work on big projects and face many problems in their lives.
  • Pisces people will have many dreams come true, but sometimes they will be sad because they didn’t get what they wanted.

There are treatments for all Amavasya doshas, which can be cured by chanting the Surya Chandra Amavasya dosha puja mantra during the puja ritual. Let’s examine the negative effects of this dosha in the horoscope.

The effects of the Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha on a person's life

  1. If this dosha is in a person’s horoscope, it can make life hard for them.
  2. The native and the mother. will not get along.
  3. The mother won’t bless the native.
  4. Many bad things can happen in life.
  5. Health problems with the body and mind.
  6. Financial crisis.
  7. Problems at work.

Amavasya Dosha Puja For Surya Chandra

The puja includes the Kalash puja and pujas to other gods like Ganesh, Shiva, Matruka, Pradhan-Devta, and the Navagraha. Surua sloka will be chanted 7000 times, Chandra sloka will be chanted 11000 times, and both of their bija mantras will be chanted 7000 times. After that, a Yagya or homa will be done to get rid of the bad effects of the Amavasya dosha in the horoscope. Perform on Amavasya or Chandra nakshatra for maximum benefits.

Wrapping up

Amavasya dosha is a pretty bad thing to have in your horoscope. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that. However, by contacting our Expert Astrologers, you can get customized treatments to counteract the negative impacts of Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha in your birth chart.

What is Surya Chandra Amavasya Dosha?
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