What is the reason for restlessness? Is it because of Vish Dosha?

Vish Dosha

When Saturn and the Moon sit together in any person’s natal chart, Vish yoga is formed. Vish yoga indicates a man’s cruel and harsh behavior towards a man in his previous births. The effect of this yoga happens 100 percent in the present life span of the person; that is why it is counted among the most effective yogas in Vedic astrology.

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Which starts from birth and continues to give its inauspicious effects till death. 

When the planets Moon and Saturn are in conjunction or aspecting each other native’s chart, Vish Yoga occurs. Because the Moon represents Amrit or the Nectar of Immortality, the Vish Yoga is formed when it is aspected by Saturn.

It has been reported that under the influence of Vish Yoga, a person feels irritated and unhappy with life. This occurs when a person feels cognitive, intellectually, and emotionally disabled. It indicates that Vish Yoga lowers such a native’s visionary sense. It removes the fortunate fruits supplied by a particular house in the chart. It causes rifts in relationships, makes the person feel alone, and can lead to acute mental stress and despair.

The situation of the person with Vish yoga If a person born at the time of this yoga feeds bread to a dog too, sooner or later, he too will eat it. It means to say that the person of this Vish Yoga chart is cheated by his friends and relatives.

Whoever they help, they are sure to get failure. In whichever house ‘Vishyoga’ is formed in the horoscope, the creature receives troubles related to that house itself, or there is a lack of Karakatva substances related to that house. Its subtle discussion is done in depth in the ‘Dreshka’ of the Ashtak class, which indicates the sufferings caused by the native to a woman in her previous births. 

Condition for Vish Yoga

The Vish Yoga is formed when the planets Moon and Saturn are positioned together in any house of a natal chart.

Vish Yoga occurs when Saturn is in Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer, and the Moon is in Shravan Nakshatra in Capricorn, or when the Moon and Saturn are in opposite positions and aspecting each other from their various places.

Vish Yoga is formed during the transit when Saturn is transiting over the Moon or when the Moon is transiting over Saturn.

Some astrologers believe that Vish Yoga is formed by Saturn’s aspect on the Moon in addition to the conjunction of both planets.

The Vish Yoga is formed when Saturn is in its Dasha, the Moon is in its Pratyantar, or when the Moon is in its Dasha and Saturn is in its Pratyantar.

Effects of Vish Yoga on people

When auspiciousness prevails in the mother’s horoscope, she spends the son’s hard-earned money on health, luxury, and other children and survives for a long time, destroying misery, poverty, and wealth. Even at the time of death, she makes a promise to take care of other children. If Saturn and the moon dominate the son’s birth chart, then there is a fear of the mother’s death after birth.

If Saturn is in more degrees than the Moon or the following zodiac, the person is inauspicious. If this Vishyoga is present in women’s horoscope, then men keep harassing them financially, mentally, and physically in the form of father, brother, husband, son, etc. Therefore, a woman affected by this yoga also discharges life in the face of extreme struggle.

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Positive impacts

People with a high degree of involvement in spirituality and simple life observe no negative impact, and their life turns out to be pleasant. Because of this, yoga people will be inclined towards meditation, be away from material things, and give their life in the service of people.

Negative impacts

Seventh House-  A natal chart’s seventh house represents marital satisfaction. If Vish Yoga is present in this home, disputes between the husband and wife are likely. Sometimes the situation deteriorates, resulting in separation or divorce.

Eighth House- Because of the Vish Yoga established in the eighth house, one should avoid long travels because of the high possibility of an accident. However, such a native makes significant charitable contributions. As a result, Vish Yoga is not regarded lethal in this house.

Remedies to nullify the impacts of Vish Yoga
  • Read the Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Apply saffron tilak to your forehead.
  • You can counteract the consequences of this Yoga by appeasing the planet Moon. So, every Friday, worship the Moon and donate white items.
  • Anoint Shiva Linga with sesame seed-infused water.
  • Every Saturday, donate oil.
  • Do not consume milk at night. On Saturday, pour milk into the well.
  • Serve your mum while avoiding meat and drink.
  • Chant Vish yog nirvana mantra 
  • Also, chant Shani and Chandra mantra.
  • The person with Vish yoga should avoid drinking milk at night.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and avoid consuming old food.
  • Meditate and perform yoga. This will assist you in being psychologically relaxed.
  • Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra during difficult times.

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What is the reason for restlessness? Is it because of Vish Dosha?
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