Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How will consultation happen?

It will be an on-call consultation. You will be needed to send your birth details or your Kundli (if already prepared) before the consultation so that our experts have it beforehand, to ensure a fruitful interaction.

Our certified astrologers will be accurately analyzing your birth chart, will be listening to your life circumstances and what you expect out of them as well as reveal what astrological aspects might be obstructing your paths and suggest effective and feasible
remedies to overcome those obstacles.

2. Will we get a call or we need to call the astrologer?

You will be needed to call our astrologers for the consultation. The slot details along with contact information would be sent to you in advance. This would provide you with enough time to ponder over everything you want insights on.

You need to call in your specified time slot for the consultation and before that, you will also need to submit your birth details or Kundli (if already prepared), as it could save mutual timings and we can quickly move on to core discussion matters.

3. Is there any limit of questions we can ask?

Every problem is worth solving. Though there is no such restraint over the number of questions, still we would suggest you prefer quality answers over quantity.

This would prioritize the most important issues and ensure that your most crucial problems get the amount of time that they deserve and you do not miss out on any valuable insights by the astrologer during the consultation session.

4. Do we need to send birth details prior?

Yes, you need to send details before 1hr of your specified time slot for consultation. You can share all the necessary birth details with our astrologers on WhatsApp.

Having all the important birth details or Kundli (if already prepared) with our expert in advance would ease the process as they can analyze your birth chart beforehand and make your consultation much easier.

This would ensure that you get time to discuss your crucial issues and learn about befitting remedies for them.

5. What will be the duration of consultation?

We value every consultation as we know every problem in life is worth while and deserves an insightful solution. That’s why; every astrologer provides consultation for only 6 charts a day.
This ensures that major problems in your lives that deserve a faster solution can get more time and could be thoroughly satisfied with the consultation without worrying about leaving any loose ends. So, be worry-free and take advantage of the best consultation from our astrologers.

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