Astrology for Business-Related Issues

Business Issues

Everybody considers starting a business at some point in their lives. However, a lot of them fail for a variety of reasons, including some astrological ones. Business failure (Business Issues) has astrological causes that affect it.

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Debt and losses in your business may be caused by your behavior and management,  but there are other factors we should look into before beginning any business. 

Your horoscope is very important in determining whether or not you should pursue  business. 

There are several chances that it is impacting your business if Surya is weak in your  horoscope. You can experiment with a few mantras to improve your business and  horoscope.

Business Failure Caused by Astrological Factors

  1. Business Is Affected by Weak Sun (Surya) 

The Surya Weakness may mostly cause your business failure and can be indicated in  your horoscope. 

You should pursue a business involving products like wheat, saffron, oranges, and  poison, among others if the Sun (Surya) is strong and well-established in houses that  are related to commerce. 

  1. Shukra’s Role in Business 

Venus or Shukra is very important in family and business financial matters. You must  first check the Shukra line in your hand to ensure that it is complete and long before  you can start doing business. 

  1. Swarn Dosha 

Your business and any revenue it has generated are impacted by Swarn Dosha. If  there is Swarn Dosha in your horoscope, your business will eventually fail and you  will lose all the riches you have worked so hard to earn.

  1. Pitra Dosha 

Pitra Dosha can significantly contribute to the failure and loss of your business  because it can negatively impact your operations and potentially result in future  losses and debt. 

  1. Effects of Mangal and Shani 

Two key factors in your horoscope—Mangal and Shani—determine whether you  should launch a business or not. 

You shouldn’t start a business if Mangal and Shani are in unfavorable positions in  your horoscope. Expert astrologers advise you to look for astrological explanations  for business failure, but never disregard your horoscope. 

  1. Palm Shape 

One of the primary elements from the many aspects of astrology that relate to  human life is the hand. Your hand almost creates your horoscope. If the palms of  your hands are square, you should get into business. This is a very fortunate omen  for those looking to establish their own business or a firm with a partner.

Mantra for Overcoming Business Failure

“Om Shan Shanescharay Namah” 
“ऊँशंशनैश्चाराय नमः।”

You may improve your business situation with the use of this mantra.

Astrological Solutions for Poor Business

  1. On Friday, avoid using salt. 

Avoiding salt and foods containing salt on Friday will aid your business if you are  experiencing ongoing losses due to debt and loans. 

  1. Donate Foods Containing Salt

Try to provide needy girl children who are younger than the age of eight or eight  years old salted food. Make sure to give them food that contains some form of salt. 

  1. Before starting work, adopt a positive outlook. 

Many people who wish to start their businesses or people who already have  businesses make this mistake, however, the issue is that they always arrive at work  with a negative and frustrated attitude. Always keep a positive attitude and keep  yourself calm before beginning a significant endeavor. 

One of the best places to go for positive energy and calmness is the temple. Try to  visit the temple (mandir) before starting work.

  1. Pitra Dosha treatment 

Since Pitra Dosha can injure your company and have a negative impact, it is crucial to  treat it. Therefore, the very first thing you should do is start with some simple  solutions to address this. 

The best solution is to drop coins made of copper into any body of running water,  preferably a river. 

  1. Getting Out of Debt 

Every business owner wants to avoid having any kind of debt in their company, yet  for a variety of reasons and conditions, many businesses find themselves in debt. On Mondays, you ought to worship Lord Shiva. You can develop your business by  doing this. 

  1. Lord Shiva worship 

Try to worship Lord Shiva’s (Pooja) every Saturday by bringing a coconut with you.  Afterward, give the coconut to nearby homeless persons. This will undoubtedly  enhance your business and business growth. 

People who wish to establish a business or are having business problems should give  this approach a shot.


Expert astrologers claim that the causes and solutions you read above have an  impact on businesses. When a firm fails, Surya and Swarn Dosha are primarily to  blame. One of the factors that contribute to a company’s failure is a weak Surya but  it can be cured with the help of astrological remedies.

Astrology for Business-Related Issues
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