Vedic Astrology

What is the significance of the Rudra Mantra?

Rudra is supposed to be Lord Shiva’s incarnation. Lord Rudra is believed to be compassionate and merciful in fulfilling devotees’ aspirations. Rudra Mantra is one of Hinduism’s most potent mantras, and it is frequently used for meditation, chanting, and sacred devotion. Rudra Mantra may be really beneficial in treating doshas in an horoscope which are […]

How can I recover my loan money?

The 2nd and 11th houses of a native’s horoscope are used to determine how much money a person will earn and how much wealth they will build. Money and wealth generation are given a lot of importance in astrology. Experts may sometimes refer to this analysis as a financial horoscope or money astrological forecast astrology […]

Why do you give a certain flower to a certain God?

Some things in life defy intellect. They defy science. Then spirituality enters man’s life. Ritualistic worship (Puja) is an integral part of devotional yoga (Bhakti-yoga). Various equipment and objects are needed for the formal worship of a Bhav-filled deity. Every Puja item has a spiritual or biblical meanin. Without the usage of flowers, no Puja […]

What are the gunas in kundli matching?

The most well-known pairing and compatibility guidelines for marriages in Vedic astrology are called Guna Milan. The most crucial element in Kundli compatibility for marriage is it. These tables, which allow one to calculate the compatibility of a pair in terms of points depending on the nakshatras of the bride and the groom, are present […]

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