Importance and Benefits of Fish Aquarium in Vastu


Vastu is an old science that has been used in India for a long time. But do we know why the things we see every day are the way they are according to Vastu? NO! We have all probably encountered or at the very least seen the lovely fish that are kept in aquariums in the homes or workplaces of other people. We might have looked at it, said how pretty it was, and then thought it would be an excellent addition to your home. That is not sufficient by any means. There’s a lot more to it than just the fish tank. In this blog, we might look at the significance of keeping fish in an aquarium, the benefits of doing so, and the optimum astrological position to put the aquarium in.

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Significance in Vastu

When constructing a building in accordance with the ancient principles of Vastu, specific geological and celestial calculations are required to be performed and taken into consideration throughout the process. The poorly built house could hurt your health and money, make it hard to find peace, cause family fights, and make it hard to be married.

But Vastu has the answer for everything. Vastu Shastra helps us fix certain doshas without changing the way a building is made. These steps include putting things around the place that bring out the positive force. In Vastu, everything, including plants, paintings, and animals, has a meaning. The Vastu Shastra also says that keeping a fish aquarium in your residence can make it a better place to live.

The Right Place at Home for Fish Tanks

The fish tank should always be kept in the living area or the drawing room. In the office, it can be kept in the area where people check-in. These rooms are in the center of the house or office and can be reached from everywhere else. So, putting the fish tank in these places would spread positive energy throughout your home. The best place for this fish tank is always in the northeast or southeast corner of the room.

The North-East corner stands for wealth and financial stability, while the South-West corner stands for peace, happiness, and success at home or the office. Also important is the amount of fish in the aquarium. One must make sure that there are always at least nine fish. Eight of the 9 fish should be the same kind but have different colors. Dragonfish should be the ninth fish. This group of fish can help you get rich and do well in life. Having goldfish is also thought to be a good thing.

10 Advantages of putting up a fish tank

  1. Science says that today’s sedentary lifestyle must create stress, increased blood pressure, and other problems related to anxiety. People also think that looking intently at a fish tank could cure all of this.

  2. The beauty of nature calms and soothes nerves and brings peace to the brain, which helps heal all the stress of the day.

  3. When the fish inside the aquarium move quickly, they give off even more good energy.

  4. People know that fish are signs of good energy and see them as such. The water inside also stands for the flow of good things in life.

  5. Fish with different colors make the house feel better. Also, it makes a person richer and more successful.

  6. People also believe that colored fish can fix all the Vastu flaws and make the negative energy in the area go away.

  7. A lot of people also think that the water in the fish tank is important. The waves in the water show how money moves through the house. When it comes to money, the more fish you catch, the better your chances are.

  8. When a fish in the tank dies, it’s like getting rid of bad energy. Therefore, there is no reason to become overly concerned if any fish pass away. Just put a new one in place of the dead one.

  9. It makes people more productive and helps them learn. In addition to that, it assists children in overcoming unpleasant feelings and emotions.

  10. A patient with Alzheimer’s disease who has access to a fish tank experiences an improvement in their mood and appetite, as well as an improvement in the quality of their sleep.
Importance and Benefits of Fish Aquarium in Vastu
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