Is Astrology related to Mathematics?


Because it has been so extensively represented and used with a commercial mindset, Astrology has come to be derided. Because ludicrous claims were occasionally created to fulfil someone’s commercial or for personal gain (through Mathematics), the topic has become ridiculous. The commercialization of everything and the widespread use of it to make money by demoralising those who are already struggling is one very obvious explanation.

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What Mathematics function does knowledge of Astrology serve?

The goal of knowledge is to have a general understanding of what will happen in life so that you can plan your activities wisely and reap the greatest rewards. Your manner of thinking and living affects every single moment. It functions in a specific way if your alignment with geometry is correct. It operates differently if your dimensions are out of alignment. Nobody can dispute this.

Knowing how geometry functions at different times and how it affects us will give you a specific type of freedom and enable you to work more clearly. The same is true for spiritual practices such as meditation and astrology because people who teach them to others are unable to set an example of commitment, integrity, and self-discipline.

Yoga or any other kind of spiritual practice must therefore possess a specific type of commitment and honesty because it relates to the inner character of the man. It is crucial that it connects with the populace in a genuine sense; else, it will go incorrectly. The same is true of the spiritual process, as well as yoga and astrology because individuals who teach them to others are unable to serve as an example of commitment, integrity, and self-discipline.

● Astrology is a mathematical science.

If we approach the topic from a scientific perspective, we can see that measuring is the main focus. It is clear that astrology once dealt with mathematical equations. Because of this, astrology is designed with a system to gauge the potency and usefulness of each indicator in a horoscope. The astrological energies shown in any horoscope may be precisely measured using numbers, and this transforms how the chart is examined and understood.

The ability to measure is crucial when interpreting human behaviour. Astrological mathematical calculations provide a numerical depiction of human nature. The key to solving an issue is mathematics, and solving problems is an integral part of a person’s experience of life. The best approach to solving a problem and advancing personally is through the use of numbers. Astrology provides precise measures for a horoscope’s planets, aspects, ascendants, signs, and houses.

One of the “Vedangas,” or a component of the Vedas, is astrology. It was created using scientific understanding so that people can achieve virtue. Vedic astrology is a science that is based on a collection of 4,000 scriptures (Narada Purana, II.50.2).

The three main divisions of Vedic astrology are Siddhanta, Jataka, and Samhita.

  • Siddhanta:

Mathematics is referred to as Siddhanta, and it uses calculations to determine planetary positions, time, location, orientation, solar and lunar eclipses, their rising and setting, and other astronomical information. Also, it addresses planetary motion, conjunction, retrogression, and exaltation.

  • Jataka:

The art of reading natives’ horoscopes is covered in the Jataka. It depicts a family’s circumstances at the moment of birth as well as signs, ascendants, planets, and their powers. It also describes vocation, ashtakavarga, numerous forms of yoga, longevity (life span) of the native, various dasha structures and their outcomes, and anista (mishaps).

The Jataka portion also describes the outcomes of planetary placements in various houses, signs, nakshatras, aspects of the planets, navamsa charts, planetary pairings, and conditions at the moment of death, among other things.

  • Samhita:

The Samhita is that specific branch of astrology that compiles a variety of topics to forecast a mass effect. It involves the rising and setting of the planets, the appearance of numerous comets, and different chakras, and the forecasting of diseases, earthquakes, and other natural disasters as well as rainfall. It also covers the effects of planetary motions on various societies, populations, and commodities, among other things.

Samhita has played a bigger part in disease diagnosis since antiquity. The answer can also be discovered by carefully examining the native’s horoscope.

Statistics, which is related to digit and mathematical computation, is hence fundamental. We won’t ever be able to assess any of the symptoms or issues without the usage of mathematical calculation. Despite the numerous arguments advanced by rationalism throughout antiquity to disprove the relationship between astrology and science, it is important to remember that scientific knowledge must be the foundation of all calculations.

Is Astrology related to Mathematics?
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