Don’t Do These Things on Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan

Indian festivals are celebrated at home, unlike others. Holi celebrates colors, while Holika Dahan honors virtue over evil. March 7, 2023 is Holika Dahan 2023. All cultures and religions fire the Holi flame at night. Firewood and other materials for bonfires are collected in parks, community centers, temples, and other open spaces.

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Shubh Mahurat of Holika Dahan 2023

The Shubh Mahurat Holika Dahan 2023 is essential. Pradosh Kaal is the best period for Dahan rituals.

Holika Dahan Muhurta for 2023 –  March 7, 2023, 06:28–08:56 PM

Holika Dahan's importance in Hinduism

Holika Dahan occurs one day before Holi. On the Full Moon in Phalguna, it is shown with considerable ceremony. Solar calendar 2023 places the festival of colors in February and March.

“Choti Holi” and “Kamadu Chita” are other names for it in India. This holiday transcends religion. Despite being a major Hindu holiday, numerous natives over the world celebrate it with pleasure and happiness. The festival promotes fairness and brotherhood through color and fun.

How Lord Vishnu saved Prahalad?

Holika Dahan begins with Hiranyakasyipu. He was an immortal, malevolent emperor who could change shape, making him unstoppable by Lord Brahma. Everyone worshipped Hiranyakasyipu because he was so powerful.

Prahalad, a Vishnu devotee, refused to worship his father. Hiranyakasyipu failed repeatedly to captivate Prahalad with his magnificence. Hiranyakasyipu asked his sister Holika for help after Prahlad’s stubbornness grew tiresome.

Brahma gave Holika fire resistance. Hiranyakasyipu ordered Holika to sit on Prahalad’s lap to burn him. When Holika and Prahalad contacted the flames, only Holika burned.

Lord Vishnu was protecting Prahalad. Because Holika, who had the gift of not scorching, was devoured by flames, it honors righteousness over wickedness. Prahalad survived because he loved Vishnu.

2023 Holashtak & Holika Dahan

Choti Holi (Holika Dahan) celebrates virtue over evil. You must offer grains to the holy fire on this day to worship. Same grains for Havan. The sacred altar keeps the residual ashes, but you should bring them home. Gather wood, dry twigs, cow dung cakes, as well as other things days before Choti Holi 2023.

Before Holi, Holashtak lasts eight days. It starts on Shukla Paksha, the Ashtami tithi of Phalguna, and lasts till Purnima or Dahan. Holashtak 2023 begins March 1. North Indian Hindus dislike Holashtak, the 8 days before Holi. Holashtak ends on March 7, 2023. Holi approaches during this time.

How should Holika Dahan be performed?

Holi Puja needs a few distinctive objects. Roli, Mauli, Akshat, turmeric, Batashe (sweets), color, fruits, a wreath of particular flowers, yarns, uples made of cow dung, Ganga Jal, or pure water, etc.

  • Falgun Shukla Purnima requires early rising, showering, and Holika Vrat.
  • Afternoon: Clean the Holika Dahan site with clean water and gather supplies.
  • Cow-dung Holika and Prahalad idols.
  • Burn Holika after evening devotion, and complete three burning Holi parikramas.
  • Recite Lord Narasimha’s praises while burning five varieties of grains.
  • Finish the phases of the holy fire, then present Arghya while covering Holika with a piece of raw string.
  • Cow manure, dried gram thread, barley, wheat, etc., to the fire.
  • Color and water the eternal flame on Holi.
  • Bring the remaining ashes inside and place them on your temple.

2023 Holi preparations

  • Basant Panchami is when people begin storing firewood in a public place. Additionally, dried leaves, sticks, bushes, and other combustibles are considered.
  • Pictured here are Effigie Prahalad and Holika, sitting on a pile of wood on the lucky day of Choti Holi in the year 2023. 
  • Build an inflammable effigy and a non-combustible one for Prahalad.
  • Rigveda’s Rakshoghna Mantra banishes evil demons.
  • Fire the firewood in Muhurta.
  • Holika Dahan praises virtue over evil. “Parikrama” and music and dances surround the fire.
  • Roasting wheat over the Holika flame becomes a lucky charm.

Remember these while fasting on Holi

  • Married women must perform an afternoon ritual before the 2023 Holika. Women must fast until sunset puja.
  • Bathe and prepare a puja thali with roli, rice, turmeric, 5 cow dung cakes tied together, and moli in the evening (red-colored thread). For family health, women should conduct “Thandi Holi” before Holika Dahan.
  • Make several Holika sacrifices to ask Lord Vishnu for happiness and prosperity. Families should break their fast by relishing in delicious food after the puja.
What must be recalled during Holi in 2023?
  1. At Holika Dahan, burn wheat, peas, and linseed. Additionally, fire-cooked wheat ears are healthy.
  2. Astrology suggests facing east or north during worshipping Chhoti Holi 2023.
  3. Holika Puja also brings happiness and prosperity.
  4. Holi is the most active astrologically. Thus, one should execute rituals connected to their eighth house planet.
  5. Before worshipping Holika, one should fast.
  6. This day, fast with a sattvik meal.
  7. During Dahan, cover your head.
  8. This year, don’t touch roadside debris on Holika Dahan.
  9. Astrology forbids meat and wine on Dahan.
  10. Today, avoid wearing black or blue. Blue symbolizes negativity.
  11. Newlyweds should not watch burning Holi. Burning body symbol. You’re also burning your previous body. It’s why newlywed girls shouldn’t witness Holi’s fire.
  12. The Holi fire causes several complications for newly married girls.
Don’t Do These Things on Holika Dahan
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