Guide To Vedic Numerology

Guide To Vedic Numerology

Vedic Numerology is one of the most popular as well as ancient systems of Numerology.

It is an ancient Indian system that applies special meanings to numbers and their symbols. This method of numerology is based on the Hindu religion, which holds that the word ‘Ohm’ is the primary sound that created the universe.

The History of Vedic Numerology

The term “Vedic” is used to describe the sacred texts of Hindus, particularly those of the Rig Veda family. The Rig Veda is the oldest and most important among them and is reveals what would now be considered as general spiritual knowledge such as relating to one’s place in the universe as well as how to live a good life.

Its four volumes detail rituals, prayers, hymns, and philosophical compositions that were made by rishis (Hindu sages) who were believed to have divine creative superpowers.

The most popular book on Vedic numerology is the “BrihatParashara Hora Shastra”, which was written by Parashara, a Vedic scholar of great renown. This book was in turn, based on the Vedas and contains the study of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Numerology and the Planets

Vedic numerology, is also known as “Jyotish” is the sister science of astrology that focuses on the relationship between numbers and our universal order.

It is said that the entire universe was created through vibration. The numbers from 1 to 9 are assigned certain vibrations in the following way.

  • Number 1: creation and beginning.
  • Number 2: polarities and balance
  • Number 3: represents growth
  • Number 4: foundation and structure
  • Number 5: change and evolution
  • Number 6: connection and harmony 
  • Number 7: intuition and reflection
  • Number 8: regeneration
  • Number 9: end of cycles or the conclusion

In the Vedic system, there are 9 sets of vibrations that correspond to the planets, one set for each. Each set has a different set of attributes as well as a varying range in degrees from 0 to 360 around the zodiac.

Each planet has its vibration and revolution (otherwise known as a frequency). Once we know what key they’re playing we’ll be able to easily identify the specific vibrational influence connected with any given day, month, or year. Our existence is one cycle that never ends and, each day holds a numerical value as well as every year, month, week, hour, minute, and second. So focus on what matters and enjoy yourself too.

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Guide To Vedic Numerology
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