What’s The Difference Between Right And Left Hand Reading?

Left and Right Hand Reading

Palmistry always amazes people ‘how a palm reading can reveal much about your life?’ And the question arises, which hand to prefer? And what is the difference between left-hand and right-hand reading in palmistry? The different hands may reveal the different aspects of life.

This is very natural and even part of the palm reading practice. What you learn can be greatly influenced by which hand you use.

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The difference between reading Left and right hands:

You’ll acquire the finest reading if you use both hands. To a true palm reading master, it’s still a great idea to study what each hand represents.

The general belief in palm reading would be that the hand being read will influence the information delivered to the reader. When it comes to hand options, it’s rarely a case of the left against right. Rather, the major distinction is in hand dominance, as it is your hands that channel your energy.

Left-hand dominance:

If you’re left-handed, the role of your hands may be reversed in a palm reading. However, unless you say up, most psychics would continue to read your hands applying traditional readings.

What does your left hand reveal?

The left hand is often related to what might be instead of what is now happening.

  • What You Were Born With? is a phrase that means “what you were born with.” Were you born into a wealthy family? Family? There are numerous opportunities? Based on just how your palmist understands the lines, it could show up on your left hand.


  • What Is Your Potential? We all have a certain number of possibilities and potential when we are born. What you do about it, though, is still up to your right hand. As a result, your left hand could show who you are.


  • Your Personality Characteristics To disclose personality qualities, many psychics use a person’s inactive hand. Your passive hand might reveal fears, lifelong habits, and personality quirks because it is less action-oriented.


  • The Life of Your Spouse The thought that a married woman’s left hand could reveal insights about her partner’s life is a rare belief you may have heard about. Take this with a pinch of salt because most conventional readers do not believe it’s true.

What does your right hand reveal?

The dominant hand of a reader is the one that experiences far more activity in their daily existence and comes with a lot of execution energy as a result. Because we use the hands so frequently, many palmists refer to it as “the hand of fate.”

According to most palmists, your right hand could reveal:

  • What You’ve Done With Your Possibilities. Because the right hand is referred to as the hand of action, it’s only natural for readers to look at it to discover what you did to maximize your potential? or wherever you came up short.


  • What Is Your Destiny? Your right hand could be used to foretell where you’ll end up and how certain it is that you’ll achieve your destiny if you have a deep Fate line.


  • Where are you now? Many psychics don’t accept that palm reading can predict your destiny. Instead, they believe that reading an individual’s dominant hand allows them to see the full spectrum of one’s current circumstances and previous deeds.

Although both hands could convey the significance of some aspects of your life, culture, and behaviors. Being specific toward a hand could reveal specific conclusions. The left hand says most about your positions in life and the right-hand reveals your potential or response towards those positions. 

What’s The Difference Between Right And Left Hand Reading?

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