How to offer Bela Patra,a magical offering to lord shiva?

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We frequently place Belpatras on the Shivling at the temple. Have you ever considered its significance and what it is used for? Because of its features, the Belpatra tree has been considered a sacred tree for generations, and the leaves of Belpatra are particularly precious to Lord Shiva, hence the gift offered to Lord Shiva is also considered incomplete without Belpatra. Three Belpatra leaves clasped together are considered holy. Because the three leaves are connected together, they are referred to as Tridev, and others think that the three leaves depict Mahadev’s trident.

Bilva leaves, also known as Bael Patra, are an auspicious tribute to Lord Shiva. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are represented by the three-leaf bael Patra. The tribunals – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas – are also mentioned.

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It is said that by placing three intertwined Belpatra leaves on the Shivling, Lord Shiva is calmed and satisfied. Lord Shiva is delighted if just Belpatra leaves are presented with affection.

The most significant fruit offered to lord Shiva is the Bel fruit, often known as the Wood Apple in English. The leaves of the tree are also a significant offering as they have equated with lord Shiva’s three eyes and also resemble his trident; lord Shiva is thought to meditate under the Bilva tree; and the fruit is presented and devoured as Prasad by lord Shiva’s worshippers, especially during Mahashivaratri.

The origin of the Bel Fruit is related to the Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Shiva is symbolic of the bell fruit, which is hard on the surface yet tender on the inside.

Bilva leaves have the ability to absorb beneficial vibrations while dispelling negative ones. So, when you place the Bilva leaves on top of the Shiv Linga, the leaves absorb the Shiv Linga’s tremendous vibrations and bestow them on you as you carry them.

Given this property to attract negativity and transfer positive energy to Bela tree, the plantation is promoted. It is considered to be beneficial in terms of Vastu and lit diya under it helps with gaining immense knowledge and good.

Remedy to Grant All Your Wishes

  • Get a few Bilva leaves, wash them, and only utilize the ones that have all three leaves, discarding the worn old ones. Only use fresh Bilva leaves.

  • Make a paste using sandalwood powder.

  • Dip a little stick in the Sandalwood paste and write “Ram” on all three Bael Patra leaves.

  • While chanting Om Namah Shivaya, pull the leaf closer to your Ajna chakra (third eye chakra) and bring to mind the desires you want to be accomplished.

  • Place a Bela leaf on top of the Shiv linga.

  • Pour some water on top of the leaves.

A story about Belpatra’s significance.

There are several stories on this subject. However, one old narrative teaches us more about its significance. That is the tale of the Samundar Manthan. Many things came out of the oceans when both the gods and the demons churned them out, one of which was poison. This poison was so potent that it might spread over the entire globe, but Lord Shiva drank it for the sake of the universe and swallowed it, earning him the name Neelkanth. The poison’s effect was so bad that Lord Shiva’s brain got heated and he became restless. The water on Lord Shiva’s head was then impacted by the gods. The coolness of the water relieved the head, but the burning in the throat persisted. The gods then fed Belpatra leaves to Lord Shiva since Belpatra possesses characteristics that mitigate the effect of poison. As a result, the Belpatra leaf is particularly significant in Shiva worship.

Medicinal properties of Bel Patra

Bela fruit has exceptional medicinal properties, it is found to be rich in vitamins and minerals. According to modern science, the Bel fruit is high in beta-carotene, Vitamin B, thiamine, and riboflavin when mature. Bela fruits are also found to be rich in laxatives and antioxidants that help with a number of stomach-related issues, ranging from diarrhea, and helps in strengthening the digestive system.

According to Ayurveda the Bela fruit and leaves are said to be beneficial in maintaining all three types of dosha known as pitta, Kapha, and Vata. 

Bela fruit has numerous benefits associated with skin, it is highly beneficial for rough and dry skin. Due to the presence of high antioxidants, it gives astonishing results for the skin. It works magically for the hair as well, for hair need to use it if you have hair fall and rough and dry hair texture. Bela fruit is proven magical for hair. It works for body odor as well. You need to use it in a mixture and juice form to reduce perspiration which causes high body odor.

How to offer Bela Patra,a magical offering to lord shiva?
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