Which Ayurvedic tips can help in regulating blood pressure?

blood pressure

People worldwide are suffering from various diseases that can no longer be associated with a particular age or age bracket. Look around, and you may find someone in their young adult phase subjected to pre-mature greying of hair for no reason. Have you noticed that people suffer from vertigo so much? The low glucose level in the body or intense hair falls all of this has long ago surpassed the age tag these ailments have been associated with.

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Doctors and researchers around the world blame several factors for this phenomenon. While the world is still trying to figure out the reason behind this grave situation, some surveys reported that blood pressure had topped the charts. Blood pressure has out-compete every other ailment and made its way to the top. Now even individual who has not yet spent any more than 25 years of their life has reported with blood pressure problems. 

According to some reports, more than half the people in their young adult phases aged between 20-25 have been reporting high or low blood pressure. The frequency of this turmoil is quite a feat of time.

Blood pressure is a very common disease that affects both men and women equally. Low blood pressure is considered fatal and dangerous compared to high blood pressure. In high blood pressure which is not fatal but causes various diseases and also makes the individual vulnerable and hostile towards stock and heart diseases.

Ayurvedic remedies for blood pressure

  • Consuming watermelon with salt or cardamom and dry coriander seed powder. It is also high in fiber, vitamin A, potassium, and lycopene, which help lower blood pressure. Watermelon can be consumed as is, or dried watermelon seeds can be crushed, mixed with cuscus powder, and drunk twice a day. The dried watermelon seed powder can also be steeped in boiling water to make a tea that should be consumed every morning and evening.
  • This helps the patient a lot as watermelon with species act as a diuretic, which keeps the sodium and water retention in the body. There are some herbs and natural supplements that help in excrete water. Cucumber raita is said to be one of the very useful and easy diuretics. This also keeps digestive health in check.
  • A balanced diet and active lifestyle promote better cellular activity. Better blood circulation due to more activity keep the blood pressure regular. It is advised to stay calm and meditate. Blood pressure fluctuation is caused at times due to obesity and overweight. It can make the situation difficult for the patient.
  • Consume foods, juices, and species that help in supplying good cholesterol and help in reducing bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol increases the risk of stroke if accompanied by blood pressure. Food and drinks reduce cholesterol and maintain the blood pressure of the body.
  • Induct habits of drinking juices, especially coconut water, have fiber and provide lasting hydration to the body with the punch of glucose. 
  • Including moong dal in the diet can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables helps in regularity the supply of fibrous foods in the body and helps it sustain against various diseases.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables that are low in carbs and low in calories helps maintain the weight and fat content of the body.
  • Involve in the exercises such as walking and brisk walking daily for 20-30minutes. This improves blood circulation and helps in burning extra calories from the body that might cause a stroke.
  • Avoid consuming more sodium as it may significantly affect the body’s sodium balance. And it increases the risk of various diseases. The patient should also keep a tab on their sugar consumption, and their food should have a balanced taste as species might alleviate the pressure.
  • Garlic has antiseptic properties and is also helpful in slowing down the pulse rate and smoothing out the heart’s rhythm. To use garlic, incorporate it into your daily diet or, better yet, chew 2-3 fresh, raw garlic cloves per day.
  • Amla, also known as Indian gooseberries, is a herb linked to various health benefits, including lower cholesterol, hypertension, and blood circulation stabilization. Crush and extract the juice of 4-5 amlas and take two teaspoons of this juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey every morning to treat high blood pressure. This provides stability and strength to the body and improves the digestive system. This also helps in preventing the growth of toxins inside our bodies.
  • Avoid sleeping in the noon as it increases the vulnerability towards exhaustion. 
  • A person suffering from blood pressure fluctuation should give extra thought to avoiding the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.
  • Practice yoga and pranayama for stability and vitality, which will help you and your body to keep up with the fluctuation that happens frequently.

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Which Ayurvedic tips can help in regulating blood pressure?
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